Julian St Laz

The cliché “sharing is caring” is the prime motivation for this blog.

My childhood palate was blessed by my having good cooks for parents. My father, Leslie was extremely passionate about food and I have inherited his mantra of “I’ll eat anything for the first time, provided somebody else has tried it before and not died in the process.” So my childhood eating included escargot, oysters, offal, foraged mushrooms, phenomenal sandwiches etc etc and more recently I include eating fried grasshoppers in Uganda as a lifetime gastronomic highlight.

Also part of that childhood, was the offer to taste wine that my parents were serving to guests. I never said no then (I still never decline the offer of wine!) and was introduced to French wines initially (and no, I cannot remember their names, blame it on my youth at the time.)

At Wits University, in the late 60s cheese and wine parties were the norm and I soon concluded that Lieberstein or Paarl Perle didn’t do it for me and when I moved back to Cape Town in 1991, I soon headed down highways to the various winelands of the Cape. This continuing journey has taken me to over 210 wineries so far.

Wining and dining in good company have stamped themselves as top of my personal pleasures list.

Unlike many, the older I get, the more I enjoy new experiences and as I continue down the road of discovery, I’d like to share my findings with you through my savourite things. My daughter shares this passion for food and recently qualified as a chef through Warwick’s Chef School and she will no doubt suggest some of the content on my site along the way.


For the past  four years I have been reviewing books for the Cape Times and share some of these with you.

From January 2019 I have added the category: News. Unlike in the other categories, postings are here to disemminate news received and are not necessarily things I have tried or experienced

So please loosen your belts and be my guest.


Per email: JulianRichfield2@gmail.com or on Twitter: @JulianRich

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