To celebrate February, the month of love, visitors to the Anthonij Rupert Wyne Estate are invited to enjoy a complimentary tasting of their Rosé wines.

These include: the Protea Rosé 2018, L’Ormarins Brut Rosé 2015, L’Ormarins Brut Classique Rosé NV and the Jean Roi Cap Provincial Rosé 2017.

Also on offer in February is a bespoke MCC & Sweet Treat Pairing, at R95 per person.

This ‘deliciously sweet’ pairing includes a tasting of three MCCs in the L’Ormarins range, served with four sweet treats: Strawberry Macarons, Citrus and Dulce Fudge, a Raspberry Blondie, and a Cherry and White Chocolate Truffle served with fresh cherries & raspberries.

The pairing will be available from Monday to Saturday at the Anthonij Rupert Tasting Room. To book email: tasting@rupertwines.com or contact 021 874 9041.



I love tasting wines from wineries new to me and have just tried two from  Windfall Wine Farm in Robertson – their Sauvignon Blanc and their Grenache Rosé.

Both are easy drinking and would be perfect with the summer ‘alfresco’ lifestyle we are enjoying.


The Windfall Sauvignon Blanc 2018 has the minerality I enjoy in a sauvi and a softening taste of tropical fruit. The wine has garnered two recent awards – an award for Excellent Wine at the Price at the 2018 Gold Wine Awards and is listed on The Sommeliers Selection for 2018 as a Fresh and Crunchy White.


Their Grenache Rosé 2018 is gently sweet and offers some berries and melon on the palate. Slightly lower in alcohol (10.5%) making for enjoyable unchallenging tipple. We drank it with some pesto pasta and the pairing was lovely.



Unusual Wine Pairing

Soft, buttery fudge. Now, add the zing of sparkling wine.

For just R40 per person, two of Stellenbosch Hills’ Polkadraai bubblies can be tasted, each with a custom-made fudge.

The Fizz & Fudge Summer Pairing is on offer at the Stellenbosch Hills Tasting Room from November to February – and only when pre-booked.

Reservations can be made by calling 021 881 3828/9 or sending email to info@stellenbosch-hills.co.za. Visit http://www.stellenbosch-hills.co.za for more information.


Amongst the wines I tried over the holiday season was a bottle from Darling Cellars, their Pyjama Bush Rosé 2018.

darling cellars pyjama bush sauv blanc grenache nv

Its label refers to it as Pyjama Bush Sauvignon Blanc/Grenache, but it is definitely a rosé wine. An award-winning one at that – Gold at Rose Rocks 2018, and Double Gold at Vitis Vinifera 2018.

It is a vibrant pink colour, and is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (99%) and Grenache (1%). Its nose is a proverbial fruit salad with an aroma of berries and cherries and a gorgeous fruity aftertaste that lingers on . Two glasses down and I was ready for more…

The Darling Pyjama Bush Rosé is a hugely gluggable wine and is my ‘taste of Summer 2018/19”. Cheers!

EVENT: Stellenbosch Street Soirees

With its Stellenbosch Street Soirees, Stellies shares its vibrant street culture, enviable lifestyle and cosmopolitan charm in the heart of town – all blended with cool tunes, sizzling street food and superb wines.

It all goes down in one central place, Drostdy Street.

Each Soiree features a different selection of cellars and street fare caterers and entry costs R150 per person which gets you a glass and 12 wine tasting tokens. You can also buy wine to take away. Food dishes are priced individually by vendors. These communal parties are from 18h00 till 20h00 and children are welcome.

The next two Stellenbosch Soirees are on: Wednesday 16 & Wednesday 30 January

For more information contact Tel: 021 886 4310, visit http://www.wineroute.co.za

EVENT: Franschhoek Summer Wines

Celebrate the height of Summer in style in your elegantly white attire at the ultimate garden party. Sip on seasonal inspired wines showcased by the Franschhoek Vignerons, at this year’s Franschhoek Summer Wines, which takes place at the spectacular Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards on Saturday, 2 February (12pm to 5pm).

Tickets, cost R280 per person, and pre-booking via http://www.webtickets.co.za is essential, as tickets are limited. The cost includes entry, a complimentary tasting glass, tastings of the wines on show as well as discount voucher to be used for the purchase of any show wines on the day.

For more info contact the Franschhoek Wine Valley offices on 021 876 2861 or email info@franschhoek.org.za.


Theuniskraal Cape Riesling was the ‘go to’ white wine that peppered the cheese and wine parties of my late 60s/early 70s university years. It was by far the best of the whites that were popular amongst our set.

Has it really been nearly 50 years since I last drank it? It has! (Ek vra verskoning Mnr Jordaan). Luckily the wine and I are still both doing well.

theuniskraal riesling

So, confronted with a bottle of Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2018 over the holiday period, it was with much nostalgia that I opened the bottle. It was not just memories of the wine flowing and the party atmosphere of those ‘colourful’ cheese and wine parties that caused my cheeks to flush at the memories…..but, it is safer if I focus now on the bottle of wine in front of me….sigh.

The first Theuniskraal Cape Riesling was made in 1948, so this bottle is the 70th Anniversary release.

Good everyday drinking it certainly is. Apples, citrus and some floral notes on the nose and fresh and fruity on the palate.  New memories being created.

Maybe I should get another bottle and try it with tomorrow’s fish braai!




Maybe it’s a bit like liking books that are not on the best seller shelves at your local bookshop, but I really enjoy drinking a Petit Verdot wine.

Yes it is often to be found as part of a red blend, but I prefer it bottled on its own,,,,and sadly, not many wineries offer it.

So when I saw a Petit Verdot listed under KWV’s The Mentors range, my palate did a salsa in anticipation of tasting it.

Luckily I didn’t have too long to wait and I opened a bottle of KWV The Mentors Petit Verdot 2016 on New Year’s Eve.

kwv_mentors_petitverdot 2016_capsule

One thing immediately separates this wine from others I have tried, The Mentors Petit Verdot sources its grapes from three areas: Stellenbosch, Walker Bay and Robertson.

I poured myself a glass (a full one, what else?!), gazed momentarily at its ruby redness, and then breathed in its gorgeous complex aroma of dark cherries, black olives and a sweet spiciness.

Palate salsa time, I took a sip and sighed with pleasure. Full of fruit, rich, well-balanced and simply delicious. It may be lowish in alcohol (13.75%) but it certainly punches above its weight with flavour and elegance.

Like Oliver Twist I heard myself thinking: “Please Sir, I want some more” and I did, my first glassful was immediately followed by a second one.

KWV The Mentors Petit Verdot 2016, one of my favourite wines of 2018.





When my wife and I visited Benguela Cove in November 2016, its cellar and other buildings were under construction nearing completion. At the time, Winemaker Johann Fourie painted a picture of the Estate’s exciting plans and they certainly sounded impressive.


Fast forward to December 2018 when we paid our second visit. From the moment we turned off the R43, we were impressed by the Estate’s spectacular rolling vineyards and their sea-side location.
Our yellow, hard-hatted experience and hearing about the future has been replaced by the breath-taking site of the main buildings and the adjacent winery. On entering, we liked our first impression – modern and spacious with understated elegance. There are gorgeous works of art on display, thankfully not too many, but enough to beautifully enhance the interior ambience.


We sat in the wine tasting area and I tried the few of the Benguela Cove range of wines with which I was not already familiar. I particularly liked their 2016 Benguela Cove Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, melon and floral tones and a note of maritime influence befitting its location. Had I not needed to do some driving later, I would have happily had a couple of glasses of it then and there.


Instead I enjoyed a glass of it with the light lunch – battered fish – we had at the Moody Lagoon restaurant, which I would rename the Good Moody Lagoon! Sea view, fresh fish, good wine made for a delicious three way pairing indeed.



Now here’s a “must do”, highly recommended – after lunch we took an hour long Pontoon Cruise on the lagoon aboard the Estate’s Lady Bonnie. One has the option to buy some wine to drink on the cruise, I took mine along already consumed. The pontoon heads towards the sandbank that separates the lagoon from the sea……and beaches itself on it! Because I am of that age, when we jumped out into the shallow waters and onto the whiter than white sand, I imagined I was part of the Normandy landing of World War Two and careered along the sand…unarmed though and to gain a view of the sea. One is allowed one’s fantasies, isn’t one?


After the cruise we headed for Pirate Golf, which is a beautifully equipped outdoor kiddies play area, with Adventure Golf and an eatery for kids called Blackbeard’s Diner.

Johann Fourie, I challenge you to a pairing of adventure golf and wine tasting!


Afterwards, we peeped in at the, not yet opened when we visited but open now, Tea Terrace, overlooking the lagoon – what else! As per its name, teas are served, pastries and wine. The place is elegant and tastefully decorated. We’ll certainly try it on our next visit.

Benguela Cove certainly offers a diverse range of experiences, we had a blast there!


I recently visited Welegegund Heritage Wines in Wellington and spent some time with Friedrich Kűhne, its winemaker and vineyard manager and Emy Mathews its sales and marketing manager.

One drives up an oak-lined cul-de-sac and is soon surrounded by a cluster of heritage building and some beautiful scenery. Central amongst these buildings is the recently restored and refurbished Manor House, which dates back to 1820. It is now a beautiful family home. The views from it are spectacular.

The other buildings are being restored and will house a tasting room and some guest suites.

In the genial company of Emy and Friedrich, I got to introduce myself to four of Welgegund’s wines:

The Welgegund Heritage Wines Chenin Blanc 2017, made from 44-year old dryland bush vines, is beautifully fruit forward with stone fruit, some citrus and a floral touch on the aroma. It should go very well with sea food or with lighter meats. I am a chenin fan and really enjoyed this one.


Welgegund Heritage Wines Providence 2015 is a shiraz-dominant red blend (60%) with cinsault (20%) and carignan (10%). It offers dark berries and that hint of pepperiness that I like about shiraz.



Cinsault has in recent times become one of my favourite grapes and the Welgegund Heritage Wines Cinsault 2017 is another beautiful example of just why. A single vineyard special release, full of dark berries on the nose and dark fruit on the palate. A really lovely, gentle, fruit forward wine.



I have tasted very few grenache noirs but enjoyed the Welgegund Heritage Wines Grenache Noir 2017, it had an almost rich, winter desserty flavour about it.


Welgegund means ‘well-bestowed’ and with their fine range of wines, ever improving built environment and gorgeous natural environment, the name certainly is appropriate.


For more information about Welgegund Heritage Wines phone: 021 873 2123